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Spring is waiting around the corner and we are all getting excited about this lovely weather to go outside. We want to get some sunshine, relax on a terrace or drinking a beer in the park. But there is one thing that should not be missing. That is, of course, a barbecue with friends. And to make this picture perfectly complete, you can add the perfect leather barbecue apron on it.

Grillmasters are coming in all kind of sizes, but you are really loving the real work out here. You will catch every opportunity to fix a perfect dish for your friends and family. It doesn’t matter if you make this in the kitchen of a fancy restaurant, in a food truck or just straight off the barbecue in your garden. This is your happy place. And to be able to enjoy preparing food even more, the BBQ aprons from Witloft will help a little.


Everybody who has stood behind a grill or barbecue knows that it can be hot out there. There is also a chance to get grease stains, which is a sin for your clothes! With the BBQ aprons, all those problems will be in the past. They will protect you against the heat ánd the stains. The leather aprons are easy to clean with a damp cloth.

Every Witloft apron is handmade and therefore all of them are unique in its own way. The authentic Witloft aprons are made of high-quality leather. All the leather that Witloft uses is of Dutch origin. As the leather lives and breathes, the aprons get more beautiful with time and wear.

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Food festivals

The leather bbq aprons are not only used by grill masters in the kitchen or behind the barbecue. On food festivals, we regularly see chefs in their food truck wearing the leather Witloft aprons. Such as the Butchers Heaven food festival in Amsterdam, which is all about meat. Not only to try the tasty meat dishes, but also about preparing it. There is a good chance that you’ve heard about this festival if you are a real meat lover.

Witloft represented here every year to provide the best chefs with the best accessories. Of course, it is also possible to get hold of these fantastic aprons yourself. Take a look at the website to find out which leather apron is the best for you.

Winter BBQ

Barbecuing in winter may not be your first thought, but did you know it can be a great success? A winter BBQ can even be cozier than a ‘standard’ summer barbecue, with die-hard enthusiasts grilling outdoors amid good friends and festive music. It’s a fantastic opportunity to utilize your charming garden or rooftop terrace in the winter.

Embrace the winter chill with a touch of style and practicality by wearing a Witloft apron for your outdoor barbecue festivities. The winter BBQ experience becomes not only a culinary adventure but a fashion statement, thanks to Witloft’s leather aprons. Crafted for both protection and elegance, these aprons shield your clothing from grease and splatters while exuding a rustic charm that complements the winter ambiance.

The durable leather construction ensures resilience against the cold weather, making it an ideal companion for your winter grilling escapades. The apron’s heat-resistant properties offer an additional layer of safety, allowing you to focus on perfecting those winter-inspired dishes without worrying about your attire.

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