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From premium leather to durable cotton

Buffalo leather

Aprons and knife rolls made of buffalo leather

Discover the latest collection from Witloft: The Buffalo collection. Brand-new aprons and knife rolls, made from buffalo leather. Buffalo leather is known for its quality and beautiful natural appearance.

Classic leather

The classic leather apron

Witloft’s very first collection is handmade in the Netherlands from tanned cow leather. The classics are made from the very best cow leather in Europe. Not only do they look great, they are also incredibly durable and very hard-wearing. The perfect base to properly protect both your body and tools.


Aprons made from donated jeans

Denim was used centuries ago by the “working class” as protection for the body and therefore lends itself perfectly as an apron. Super-durable, soft and good-looking.


Super soft kitchen apron made of 100% organic cotton

This one-size-fits-all apron is perfect for anyone who loves to cook. Soft and lightweight, ideal for spending hours in the kitchen.

Recycled cotton

A collection made from collected clothing

This new collection might be made from your old t-shirt. This collection is made entirely from recycled materials and has in addition to an apron in four colors, a matching set of oven mitts and potholders.

Kids Collection

Kids in the backyard

Whether it’s playing on the Witloft Land Rover, baking with mom or helping dad with the grill; children love new experiences and discovering the world. We really enjoy helping them, taking them by the hand and understanding their world better.