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Handmade denim aprons from recycled jeans

Created in collaboration with MUD Jeans, the denim collection is characterized by authentic trouser buttons and studs. With this collection, you steal the show in a responsible way and help make the clothing industry more sustainable. The sturdy denim fabric means you are always protected in the denim kitchen apron.

The denim collection includes a long apron, a short apron and a denim slouch. Each model is available in three colors: light blue, mid blue and black. They are made of organic cotton mixed with recycled cotton manufactured from old jeans and in addition, because of the denim buttons, fully adjustable at both the neck and waist. Good news: you can wash these aprons!


Denim collection

The Denim collection is available in various length sizes and has the following specifications:

  • Made from recycled denim
  • Adjustable at the neck and waist
  • Can be washed!

Sizes and colors

Measurements: 75W x 60H (short) en 85W x 60H (long) and 39W 62H (waist down)

  • Light Blue Denim
  • Mid Blue Denim
  • Black Denim

Dutch hand crafted product

Sustainable denim

Premium leather

2-3 weeks delivery time

Dutch craftmanship

High-quality leather to sustainable cotton

Witloft developed a special and unique coating which is used on most of our aprons. It protects the leather against stains, dirt and even the worst scratches. It also makes food or dirt easy to wipe off with a damp cloth.

All this aside, the Witloft leather apron has a unique and beautiful look. The more you wear it, the better it looks and fits you. The aprons are available in 4 different colors.