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8 Tips for a Successful
Winter BBQ with Witloft

Let your winter BBQ be a success with Witloft

Barbecuing in winter might not be the first thing on your mind, but did you know it can be a tremendous success? A winter BBQ can even surpass the coziness of a ‘standard’ summer barbecue, as it’s the time when true enthusiasts brave the cold to grill meat (or vegetables) outdoors. Picture yourself with a delightful drink, good friends, and lively music – a perfect moment to finally make use of your charming garden or rooftop terrace in the winter.

If you’re convinced and can’t wait to organize a winter barbecue, pay attention, as a winter BBQ requires some essential preparation. Here are the key points to consider:

There's always room for A bbq party

Where to place your bbq?

Start by strategically choosing where to set up your barbecue. Put some thought into it; a barbecue needs to be around 70 degrees to cook meat properly, so it’s crucial to place it out of the wind for a quicker temperature rise. Keep in mind that it takes about 2 to 3 times longer for the meat to cook in colder conditions.

Additionally, be prepared for winter precipitation. If possible, place the barbecue under a shelter – not only does it help maintain the right temperature, but it also adds to your overall comfort.

Make sure you're warm

Comfort during a winter BBQ is not just about the barbecue; it’s essential to keep yourself warm too. Ensure you wear warm clothing, preferably thermal wear to avoid getting too cold. Enhance the warmth with a fire pit, torches, or heaters, adding a cozy atmosphere to your garden or rooftop terrace.

Good (and cozy) lighting

Atmosphere is crucial, considering your guests are likely to join you outside. Alongside fire pits and torches, introduce some ambient lighting to your garden or rooftop terrace – instantly making it cozier and setting the mood for a delightful evening.


Ensure You Have the Right BBQ Tools and Attire

It’s crucial to have the right barbecue tools at your fingertips – tools for easy meat flipping, sharp knives to check doneness, and, of course, a leather Witloft apron. The apron not only protects your clothing (or jacket) from grease and splatters but is also heat-resistant, offering a win-win solution.

For home cooks who prefer their knives, the leather knife roll from Witloft is perfect for safely transporting your knives. Easily tuck your knives in, roll up the map, and you’re ready to go.kkelijk insteken en de map vervolgens oprollen zodat deze eenvoudig mee te nemen zijn.


Bring sufficient fuels

Colder temperatures make it more challenging to get the barbecue to the right temperature. Don’t forget to bring the necessary supplies for your winter barbecue.

Ensure you have enough coal or briquettes, along with fire starters and matches for ignition. If you’re using a gas barbecue, make sure there’s enough gas.


Snacks & Treats

A barbecue isn’t just about meat. While a baguette with butter/herb butter/satay sauce is a common sight, you can go the extra mile with snacks. Make sure your guests aren’t left hungry; offer nuts, chips, and vegetable snacks with dip.

As a side dish for everything coming off the barbecue, opt for a tasty salad. In this case, go for a winter version with vegetables like pumpkin and carrots (which you can also grill on the barbecue).

If you’re really craving something delicious, you can always bring out the deep fryer or air fryer to prepare some snacks. But remember: don’t put too much on the table; otherwise, your guests might not have room for the ‘main’ course.


Stay Warm with Winter Drinks

Winter drinks are a must for a winter BBQ. Prepare some mulled wine in advance so your guests can warm up. If you prefer a non-alcoholic option, hot chocolate with whipped cream is a must. Finally, adults can continue to warm up with matching winter liqueurs or a good whiskey.


Winter BBQ dish Inspiration

Finally, you might need some inspiration for your barbecue dishes.

For vegetarian guests, consider grilling vegetables. Grill pieces of sweet potato, pumpkin, and red onion, and you have a delightful ‘vegetable platter.’ It’s also great with a piece of fish for non-vegetarians.

However, a beautiful piece of meat shouldn’t be absent from a winter barbecue. How about a tasty piece of game, like venison steak? Pair it with stewed pears for a delightful dish.

As a genuinely winter side dish, you could also make a delicious Dutch pea soup (snert). It might not be a traditional barbecue dish, but it fits perfectly with the Dutch winter. You can serve this as a starter or side dish. Another fun idea: create a cheese fondue on the barbecue. Choose a camembert, cut off the top, drizzle some olive oil on it, place the cheese container entirely in the barbecue, and cover it. After about 10 minutes, you’ll have wonderfully melted cheese. Plenty to experiment with for the upcoming winter BBQ.

Now it’s time to send out the invitations and ensure your guests brave the cold to enjoy the warmth, camaraderie, and, most importantly, the delicious food in your garden.