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Recycled cotton

A collection made from your clothes

In the Netherlands, old clothes are collected from clothing containers in Belgium, Germany and Denmark. This collection of aprons is made entirely from recycled material and therefore does not need to be colored again. So super soft and durable. The kitchen apron is as light as a feather and thus mega comfortable.

The GOTS-certified collection consists of a ‘one-size fits all’ apron with a long strap and pocket at the front. It is useful that the bag is partly stitched closed, which means that much less (cooking) dirt gets into it. The long strap makes it ideal for tying the apron front or back and ensures a perfect fit for everyone. The recycled cotton is super-soft and perfect to wear for hours while cooking, this makes it a perfect cooking apron.


Recycled Cotton Collection

This collection has the following specifications:

  • Made from recycled cotton
  • Adjustable long strap
  • Matching set with oven gloves and pot holders
  • Can be washed!

Sizes and colors

Measurements: 63,5B x 85H

  • Sand
  • Blue
  • Salmon
  • Pistachio

Dutch hand crafted product

Sustainable denim

Premium leather

2-3 weeks delivery time

Dutch craftmanship

High-quality leather to sustainable cotton

Witloft developed a special and unique coating which is used on most of our aprons. It protects the leather against stains, dirt and even the worst scratches. It also makes food or dirt easy to wipe off with a damp cloth.

All this aside, the Witloft leather apron has a unique and beautiful look. The more you wear it, the better it looks and fits you. The aprons are available in 4 different colors.