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The Newest Buffalo Leather Collection

The leather apron that lasts a lifetime

Discover Witlofts’ newest collection: The Buffalo collection. Brand new aprons and knife rolls, made from Buffalo leather.  We’ve got a new split-grain apron in 3 different colours, a new full grain apron in 3 different colours and a new set of 3 different coloured knife rolls.

Since leather is a natural product, these aprons become even more beautiful over time. And the more you wear it, the better it fits you (like your favorite pair of shoes). The perfect base to properly protect both your body and tools. Ready to follow your passion? Check out the Buffalo aprons and knife rolls.

Our new Buffalo leather aprons

What makes this collection so amazing:

  • Buffalo leather is solid, but light and flexibel. So it’s good for everyday use, and won’t slow you down.
  • The aprons and knife rolls will last extremely long, some say it will even last a lifetime.
  • The aprons are adjustable at the neck and waist, so it can fit everyone.
  • The collection is very affordable, starting from only €59,95 to €69,95 (for all aprons) and from €49,95 to €89,95 (for the knife rolls).

The Buffalo Knife Rolls

The Buffalo leather knife rolls are available in 3 sizes: 5, 9 or 17 pockets.

This unique knife roll is the perfect item for bringing your knives from one place to another, or for storing your precious knifes. It’s made out of 100% buffalo full-grain leather and the pockets are all different in size. This way you can store both small and large knives in it. Your knives will always be protected in this unique chef’s knife roll.


Both made from the the best leather and made to protect your body while cooking or exploring other hobbies. However, besides the price, there are some differences.

classic leather apron vs buffalo leather apron

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