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Buffalo leather

Aprons and knife rolls made of buffalo leather

Discover Witloft’s new leather collection: the Buffalo collection. Brand-new aprons and knife rolls, made from buffalo leather. Buffalo leather is known for its quality and beautiful natural appearance.

Buffalo leather is just a little more flexible than cow leather, which makes the aprons very comfortable. As leather is a natural material, these aprons become even more beautiful over time. And the more you wear the item, the better it suits you (just like your favorite pair of shoes).

Our leather apron is made of 100% buffalo leather and is heat resistant. The collection includes full grain leather and split leather. Full-grain leather has beautiful natural characteristics because it is the top layer of the leather, split grain is the bottom layer and has a slightly smoother appearance.

The unique leather knife rolls are the perfect item to safely transport your knives, or to store your most precious knives. They are available in several formats. All versions of the knife rolls accomodate both small and large knives. In a knife roll, your knives are always protected and you can easily carry them with you.


The buffalo collection

The collection has the following specifications:

  • Buffalo leather is sturdy, yet lightweight and flexible. making the apron suitable for daily use.
  • The aprons and knife rolls are extremely durable, with many claiming they last a lifetime.
  • Adjustable at the neck and waist.
  • The collection is very affordable.

Sizes and colors

Measurements 60W x 81,50H (apron)

  • Chocolat (grain leather)
  • Cognac (grain leather)
  • Ruby (grain leather)
  • Dark brown (split grain)
  • Mocca (split grain)
  • Black (split grain)

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Witloft developed a special and unique coating which is used on most of our aprons. It protects the leather against stains, dirt and even the worst scratches. It also makes food or dirt easy to wipe off with a damp cloth.

All this aside, the Witloft leather apron has a unique and beautiful look. The more you wear it, the better it looks and fits you. The aprons are available in 4 different colors.