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Dutch craftmanship

From premium leather to durable denim

In the heart of Amsterdam, the very first leather Witloft apron was created by hand in a workshop. A furniture maker was looking for the ultimate protection for his body and so the world’s first, original leather apron was born in the Jordaan area. This was the very beginning of Witloft and characterizes the brand to this day.
Witloft is for everyone who loves craft, quality and workmanship. Whether you’re a grill master, a home cook, a professional barista or you just like to work with your hands.

Each WITLOFT apron is made to last a long time and will take on its own unique character over time. The aprons withstand high temperatures and provide the ultimate protection.

Dutch product

Dutch craftsmanship with a contemporary character.

Sustainable materials

Witloft leather aprons are made from high-quality (leftover) leather that will last a lifetime. The fabric collections are made from recycled materials, such as old jeans or collected clothing.


Witloft products provide ultimate protection and comfort.


Witloft Dutch Craftsmanship

Real craftsmanship since 2014. Witloft created the world’s very first leather BBQ apron by hand and hammer. A furniture maker in the heart of Amsterdam was looking for protection from flying wood chips, thus the classic cognac-colored apron made of high-quality cow leather was born. The classic collection is still handmade in Holland to this day.