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Coffee is a very important drink for most people, not only for the people who love this delicious drink and do their best to get a cup before they head off to work. Also for the people who make these coffees for you with the perfect latte art. Nowadays, it is almost impossible to walk into a coffee shop and not see the barista in its full element.

Of course, the word barista is a fancy way to describe someone who makes coffee and knows every little thing about it. But ‘barista’ also comes with a lifestyle. Beards, tattoos and the knowledge about coffee, it all comes together. One thing that fits perfectly with this lifestyle and can’t be missed is the leather apron.


Leather aprons for every barista

The leather apron fits not only by the lifestyle of a barista, but you will also see them at butchers and barbers. Combined with the beards and tattoos as well. The leather apron not only suits very well with this lifestyle, but it is also very useful. The clothes of the barista won’t get dirty with all the coffee grits, they have all the tools they need close to them. The best of it, are the loops on the aprons, which makes it easy to hang a dishcloth on it. The barista needs it to keep the portafilter clean.

But also when you don’t work in a coffee shop you can completely go up to the barista lifestyle. Maybe you have a chic coffee maker at home, and you want to do all the best to make a special coffee for your loved ones. A barista apron is for everyone!

Order the leather aprons from Witloft

Aprons of witloft

Every apron that is made by Witloft is handmade. Therefore we use soft high-quality grain leather from Dutch soil. All the aprons are unisex because they all have adjustable neck and waist belts to make sure the apron fits perfectly on everybody.

Witloft does have six different collections. We’ve got a new Buffalo collection, the Classic collection, a Denim apron collection, two different Cotton collections (bio cotton and recycled cotton) and a Kid collection. Then we have the classic collection, which is the most common one. When you are more into an authentic look, we have the authentic collection. And last but not least, there is the craft collection, for the tougher appearance.