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Leather knife folder

Store your kitchen knives safely in Witloft’s leather knife folder

For (home) cooks, their knives are sacred. After all, you don’t want them to be damaged or for someone with no experience to get hold of them. A good knife folder is therefore essential for anyone with professional kitchen knives.

There are two different types of leather knife rollers from Witloft, namely the 5 pocket and the 9 pocket. As the name suggests, the first variant has room to store 5 knives. It comes with 6 plastic blade guards. These not only keep the knives sharp, but also protect the knife folder from scratches from the blade of the knives. The 9 pocket version has room for 9 knives. This product comes with 10 knife guards. It is also possible to purchase the blade guards separately.

Knife folders from Witloft

Knife rolls from Witloft

In the leather knife roll, a chef can safely store his knives. But not only that, as it is the ideal way to take your knives with you for when you want to use them on location. Whether you’re going to a barbecue, cooking at friends’ house or cooking at an event, this knife holder makes taking your own knives with you a lot easier.

The knife folder works simply: you fill it with your own knives or other tools and easily roll up the folder. You can close the knife folder with two buckles attached to the roll. Thanks to the long shoulder strap, the knife folder is easy to carry over the shoulder. If you prefer to take the folder with you in your hand, that is of course also possible. In fact, the shoulder strap can be detached from the handle.

Leather knife rolls are made of 100% cow leather. The compartments come in different sizes and a matching knife case is supplied for each compartment.

Buffalo and Classic knife rolls

WITLOFT has two types of knife rollers in its range: Buffalo & Classic.

Buffalo leather

It’s made out of 100% buffalo full-grain leather and the pockets are all different in size. This way you can store both small and large knives in it. Your knives are always protected in this unique chef’s knife roll! The Buffalo knife rollers come in colours: Cognac, Black & Chocolat


The Classic knife rollers are made of 100% cowhide leather. This is sturdier leather, and will therefore also last longer (generations). With these knife rollers, you also get 5 or 9 free knife guards. These prevent the blades from sliding and, of course, also protect the blades themselves. The classic knife rollers come in colours: Cognac, Green & Brown