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The waist down collection from witloft: indispendable aprons for waiters

When you work in the catering industry or having your own restaurant, bar or coffee shop, you know how crucial aprons are for the staff. Maybe you don’t use an apron that covers your whole upper body, then you probably want to wear one from the waist down. It looks chic, keeps your clothes clean and it makes it easy to keep a notebook close to write down the orders. That is why the leather waist down apron is perfect for waiters and baristas. 

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You don’t see the waist down aprons that much at home, but in the catering industry it is a real must-have. The best thing on these aprons is that they are all unisex. The only difference is the length of them for man and woman. The adjustable waistband makes it easy to change the size in width.

Personalise it

As said, the aprons make it easier for the waitresses to keep the most important things close. All the aprons have a loop where you can hang up a dishcloth or a mobile ATM machine for example.

Another perfect thing about Witlofts waist down collection is that you can make it personal for your own bar, restaurant or coffee shop. It is important to look professional at least! That is why Witloft makes it possible to put your own company logo on the aprons. You can even add a pocket on it, which makes it easy to also carry a wallet or other essence. You can order the aprons in any color and length, just what you wish for! 

Personalised aprons for your business

Witloft’s leather aprons

Every apron from Witloft is handmade. That makes every product unique in its own way. The waist down collection is also made with the best care. And because of the leather that breaths, the product will become even more personal. The more the apron will be used, the prettier it becomes.

The reason to choose a leather apron instead of a fabric one is especially because of the cleaning. A leather apron is easy to clean, you only need a moist cloth. All the aprons are made to last for a long time and they will get a unique character over time.