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Denim aprons

High-quality leather to sustainable cotton

In 2022, Witloft’s unique collection of aprons has been expanded to include a sustainable line of denim aprons. We’ve joined forces with the most sustainable denim brand in the Netherlands: MUD Jeans. They are an exemplary company in the circular economy, which we, as a fellow Dutch brand, admire. This first collection of 9 unisex handmade denim aprons are all made from recycled denim. Our first steps towards a world with less waste.

The first denim collection consists of a long apron, a short apron and a waist down apron. Each model is available in three colors: light blue denim, mid blue denim, and black denim. They are made from virgin organic cotton blended with recycled cotton from old jeans and are fully adjustable at both the neck and waist with authentic denim buttons.

Using denim aprons in your business?

Handcrafted denim aprons

Our new line of handmade sustainable denim aprons are made in collaboration with MUD jeans from a high-quality virgin organic cotton, and we are immensely proud of that! Whether you’re behind the grill, in the kitchen, or sitting practising the perfect late art, our long aprons protect your clothes from any kind of splash hazard.

With this new collection, you can responsibly steal the spotlight and contribute to making the fashion industry more sustainable.

  • Made from recycled denim
  • Adjustable at the neck and waist
  • Can be washed!
  • Different washes

The aprons can be worn by both men and women, and are specially designed for the hospitality industry, (home) cooks, denim lovers, baristas, barbers or just sustainable cooking enthusiasts. For anyone not afraid to get their hands and apron dirty. After all, you simply throw the apron into the washing machine with all the ease!


Light Blue Denim – Sun stone | Mid Blue Denim – Stone blue | Black Denim – Dip dry

The different types of denim aprons

Our “long” aprons give extra protection on the thigh and knees.

Dimensions (in cm): 85 x 60 CM


Need just a little flexibility? Then our “short denim aprons” are perfect for you!

Dimensions (in cm): 75 x 60 CM


Do you run between grilling or brewing coffee from A to B? No problem! Our “waist down aprons” are flexible and will absolutely not inhibit you in this.

Dimensions (in cm): 39 x 62 CM