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Product description

This exclusive collection in collaboration with tattoo artist Schiffmacher consists of two cool aprons, which are fully covered with a tattoo by the hand of Schiffmacher. Both designs tell their own unique story. Based on the beginning of the meat culture, the preparation and conservation of it by ancient tribes.

“Buccanian girl” tells the most interesting story of pirates. As they used to cross the ocean, looking for gold and land, they had to preserve lots of food and meat. Pirates learnt how to preserve food from the ancient tribes they met on their journey. With this knowledge they could sail even longer at sea and explore more of the world.

Product care

Leather is a material known for its longevity. This beautiful natural product hardly needs any care due to the unique Witloft coating. Clean with a cloth. If dry, rub with colorless grease.

Product care

Easy does it! Easy does it! The cotton and denim aprons can “just” go in the wash. Please read the washing label on the inside of the apron before washing.

Buccanian Girl apron

Tattooed leather apron (limited edition)


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Made from 100% cow leather

A sustainable choice that makes the apron last a lifetime

Easily adjustable

The smooth leather straps make the apron easily adjustable at the neck and waist.

exclusive print

Covered with an exclusive Schiffmacher tattoo

Quality guarantee

Unisex leather aprons, finished with leather details. The canvas around the neckband provides comfort.

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