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Mother's Day deals

On a special day like Mother’s Day, you want to make sure your mom feels appreciated. But what do you give to someone who seems to have everything? A shower set, perfume, or cookbook are options, but they can feel a bit cliché. It’s time for a unique gift that truly fits your mom. Give her one of our aprons as a gift!

Every day, your mom is in the kitchen, preparing the most delicious meals. To cook comfortably, she needs the right accessories. The handmade, stylish aprons from Witloft prevent splatters on clothing and are very practical. Choose your favorite type of apron and give your mom a unique gift 🎁.

Dutch product

Genuine Dutch craftsmanship with a unique and individual character. An adventure into the world of cooking since 2014.

Sustainable materials

Witloft products are made of high-quality leather and sustainable denim material.

Unique design

Witloft makes personalized aprons especially for (home) chefs, baristas and craftsmen.

Why an apron?

An apron is an essential accessory in the kitchen for several reasons. Firstly, it protects your clothing from stains, spills, and splatters while cooking or baking. This helps to keep your outfit clean and prevents the need for frequent washing. Secondly, an apron provides a convenient place to wipe your hands or dry utensils without searching for a towel.

Additionally, it often includes pockets to hold kitchen tools or recipe cards, keeping them within easy reach. Finally, wearing an apron can help boost your confidence and mindset by making you feel more professional and prepared for culinary tasks.