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Figuring out what you have to give a special person because it is his or her birthday, special day or just because you want to surprise them, is always hard. Unless when they really like to work with their hands. For everyone that is standing most of their time in the kitchen, when it is for making the best steak, the most beautiful salads, the sweetest desserts or for the person who just really love being behind a grill, we have the perfect gift: personalized aprons. A leather apron is an accessory they just need. In the best case a personalized one with their own name on it, of course.

The leather aprons from Witloft are coming in different shapes and colors. That is also the reason these aprons are suiting everyone. Most of the collections are unisex and therefore it can be used for both men and woman. If you want a more feminine one you are in the right place: we even have a collection that is especially for the shape of women.

Make it extra special with personalized aprons

The fun thing is that all the unique aprons can be even more unique and personal because it is possible to engrave a name in it. You can fill in 10 characters to put a name on it, a date or just a sweet note. The decision is up to you!

All the leather aprons from Witloft are made of high quality tanned leather. The collections are handmade with great care. Therefore every single apron is unique. It will even get more unique after some time, as the leather lives and breathes. The unique aprons will even get more beautiful. We are sure the one who gets this beautiful present will be very thankful for it.

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