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In honor of all fathers, WITLOFT will give away a free set of MEAT CLAWS when purchasing an apron or knife roll (until June 16th). These meat claws are the perfect tool for every BBQ lover! Use the claws to ensure a firm grip when cutting the meat or use them to rip the meat apart for the perfect pulled pork of pulled chicken.

Father’s day is around the corner, which means it is time to pamper your father. Finding the perfect gift can be quite difficult and that’s why we’re helping you out this year. A lot of dads are quite practical, so a leather apron would be perfect. Put your dad in the spotlight with this original gift, and really show him how much you care.

Leather WITLOFT aprons

A leather apron is ofcourse the musthave for fathers who love spending time in the kitchen or behind the grill. Leather aprons become more and more common these days. They are tough and look authentic, exactly what your father can use. In addition, they are also extremely practical. When barbecuing meat, there is a big chance splashes of grease will pop up. A leather apron is the perfect solution for protecting your clothes.

All of WITLOFT’s aprons are unisex, which makes them perfectly fine to wear for both males and females. The aprons actually do have different purposes. The Classic Collection is specially made for (professional) chefs and and guys who love to get their hands dirty. These leather aprons are made with a handy loop, which can be used to hang your towel, and a comfortable neckstrap. The neckstrap is made of leather and is wrapped with a soft fabric to ensure ultimate comfort for your neck.

The leather aprons of WITLOFT are handmade which makes each and every one of them unique. Only the best tanned leather is used to make our aprons. Due to the fact that every apron is unique and made of high quality leather, the aprons are the perfect gift for every man.

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