Florentine x Witloft

Florentine Kitchen Knives x Witloft

Florentine Kitchen Knives X Witloft bound by a passion for handcrafting and quality. Florentine and Witloft got together and created this limited-edition knife set. Crafted with great care in Barcelona and Amsterdam. For this limited edition, the handle is made from Witloft leather. High-quality leftover leather that remains after making our aprons, knife rolls and gadgets.

Each set is unique and numbered. The stock of this collaboration is very limited, there are only 30 pieces available worldwide. We’re very proud we have numbers 1 to 15 available. The other half is available at Florentines’.

Each set contains all you need in a professional or home kitchen:
• Paring knife (100mm)
• Chef’s knife (205mm)
• Carving knife (270mm)
• Bread knife (serrated – 270mm)


The leather handle and the blade are created and tooled by Florentine. Created to last a lifetime. All knives are made from high carbon stainless steel at 60 HRC and with a 50/50 grind and edge.

We are now crafting. If you pre-order, you will receive your set in January the latest. But you might even receive your knife set just before Christmas.

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