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Personalize it

On request we personalize each apron or knife roll with name, initials or date. A personal and unique gift for that special someone, the gift that you cannot find in stores. Fill in the name (max. 10 letters) at the shopping page. Click below to view all products and don’t forget to take a look at our special combi-deal!

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Knife Rolls

The leather knife roll & matching pouch are a great addition to the chef’s essentials in our collection. Made of a high quality of leather, the knife rolls are available in two sizes. The leather pouch is designed to store your chef tools, knives, spoons, tweezers and much more. It can be wrapped securely together ensuring your tools won’t fall out. Both items available in 3 colours.

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Design your own

Due to many request for special colour combination, we decided to give you the opportunity to let you design your own leather apron. We already picked out the best skin colours & strap colours for you. So, go ahead and design your own with it. Don’t forget to personalize it with your (nick)name, initials or date.

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The Story

I started WITLOFT in our little garden shed in Amsterdam. At that time I followed a woodworking course as a hobby, at which I wore one of their old welding aprons for protection. As soon as I put on that apron I got into a work mode, I felt motivated and passionate. But I couldn’t help thinking, this apron can be so much better, more beautiful and more functional.

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