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These pages are intended to provide you with efficient and effective solutions for a variety of frequently asked questions. Is your question not listed below, please contact us at info@witloft.com. We are happy to answer your questions.


  • What are the sizes of WITLOFT products?

    • KIDS  (one size): 36W x 43H
    • JUNIOR (one size): 46W x 56H
    • CLASSIC L : 60W x 85H
    • CLASSIC XL: 75W x 90H
    • CRAFT (one size): 60W x 79H
    • COMFORT (one size): 60W x 83H
    • AUTHENTIC L : 60W x 85H
    • AUTHENTIC XL : 75W x 90H
    • SHORT WAIST APRON: 62W x 40H
    • LONG WAIST APRON: 62W x 60H
    • PLACEMATS : 45W x 30H

    (All sizes listed above are in centimeters)

  • How do I personalize my apron or knife roll?

    Just fill in the name in the “Personalize” text field at the productpage. Keep in mind that you can fill in one name at a time. If you would like to order multiple pieces of the same product with different names? Add one by one the product you’d like, with name, to your shopping bag.

  • Can I personalize my WITLOFT product later on (after I already ordered it)?

    It is possible to let us personalise your apron afterwards. We will only charge you shipment costs for this.

    For details about this process, please contact us at info@witloft.com.
    We will guide you through the process.

  • How do I keep my WITLOFT product clean?

    Do you want to keep your WITLOFT product in the best condition, then check our guide about Leather Care.

    Click the link above to see how you can make the most out of your WITLOFT product.

  • How do I keep my WITLOFT apron in the best condition?

    When you’re not using your apron, hang it or roll it, don’t fold to ensure no lines or cracks will appear in the finish. For further questions, check out our Leather Care page.

  • I did not get a receipt from my order?

    If you did order one or more product(s) at WITLOFT, but did not receive a receipt please contact us at info@witloft.com.

Delivery & Shipping

  • What is the estimated delivery time per country?

    • Within Netherlands within 3 business days
    • Europe within 7 business days
    • Rest of the world 7-14 business days

    For all terms about delivery, check out our Delivery and Returns page

  • Does WITLOFT ship to my country?

    WITLOFT ships its products worldwide except to the following countries:

    • Russia
    • North Korea
    • Libanon
    • Syria
    • Afghanistan


  • I am interested in whole sale of WITLOFT products?

    We are always happy to add new members to the WITLOFT family. Please contact us at info@witloft.com so we can talk through the options.

  • What can WITLOFT's Private Label do for my business?

    If you would like to have personalized aprons for your business, please contact us at info@witloft.com and let us know your wishes.

    WITLOFT will create a custom-made apron for your business. We will customize the logo and look and feel of the apron. Also, we can customize the design with additional pockets or compartments to hold handheld devices. You can order the aprons at any length and in multiple colors.

  • Who can answer my questions regarding Marketing/PR of WITLOFT?

    For questions regarding Marketing/PR of WITLOFT, please contact us at bieke@witloft.com. If you are looking for information about WITLOFT’s products, go ahead and visit our Press and Media page. Over there you can download photo’s, experiences or details of every WITLOFT collection.

  • Where can I get WITLOFT's product brochure?

    If you are looking for WITLOFT’s latest brochure, containing all its collections and products. Please click here to download the brochure.

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