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The Story

I started WITLOFT in our little garden shed in Amsterdam. That time I followed a woodworking course as a hobby, at which I wore one of their old welding aprons for protection. As soon as I put on that apron I got into work mode. I felt motivated and passionate. But I couldn’t help thinking, this apron can be so much better, more beautiful and more functional. So I went looking for a leather apron, but I couldn’t find one. That’s how I started WITLOFT in 2014.

I made the first apron out of a rough piece of leather, which was great for personal use. I went on to design, fine-tune and produce the WITLOFT brand. Since then WITLOFT evolved into a great collection of not only aprons, but also other great items like knife rolls, placemats and bags.

Dutch Craftmanship

As we return to the basics of handcrafted workmanship WITLOFT brings you handmade leather aprons. Whether you are king of the grill, chef of the house, a professional barista or just like to get your hands dirty: WITLOFT aprons are multi-useable and for anyone who has a passion for handcrafted and artisanal style.

The Collection

The WITLOFT collection is made of high quality tanned leather. The collection is handmade with great care. making each product unique. As the leather lives and breathes, our products get more beautiful over time with using it.

WITLOFT Big Feastival Story customization
Witloft apron workshop
Kids wearing a WITLOFT apron in the backyard
Witloft apron workshop

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